INPUT #5: Blockhouse (Winter 2013)

Under the curation of guest creative director Avelino Sala, “Blockhouse” as a metaphor for a bunker, explores the capacity of artists to confront crisis, and to question of the symbolic function of art and the role of creation during a critical moment of metaphorical entrenchment. Special thanks to ICI and all participating artists and critics for their support. Sponsored by Spain Culture New York - Consulate General of Spain, Member of the Network Spain Arts & Culture.


Featured artists:
AES+F, Marc Bijl, Fernando Bryce, Paco Cao, Josechu Dávila, Wim Delvoye, Democracia, Mounir Fatmi, Carlos Garaicoa, Daniel García Andújar, Chus García Fraile, Kendell Geers, Goldiechiari, Regina Jose Galindo, MK Kaehne, Rogelio López Cuenca, Teresa Margolles, David Maroto, Mateo Matè, Pepe Medina, Jorge Mendéz Blake, Eugenio Merino, Santiago Morilla, Antonio Muntadas, Dan Perjovschi, PJSM, Anri Sala, Avelino Sala, Santiago Sierra and Pelayo Varela.

Featured art critics:
Fernando Castro Flórez, José Luis Corazón Ardura, Blanca de la Torre and Imma Prieto.

Editor and Publisher: Renée Vara
Guest Art Director: Avelino Sala
Designer: P.1212.V
Assistant Editor: Gaby Shorr

100 pages, 6 x 4 inches
Special Edition of 150 copies
Offset printed, in English and Spanish

141 Wooster Street, Suite 4D
New York, NY 10012

ISSN 2152-7318 (print)
ISSN 2152-7326 (online)

Can be purchased for $50 plus shipping and handling from our Subscribe page or by contacting


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