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INPUT is an aesthetic journal on contemporary currents and cultural conditions published by an international ensemble of editors. It is independent from the conventional marketplace demands that shape traditional art books, academic journals and über luxe magazines.

INPUT is neither a magazine nor a book. Each "Iteration" is a statement produced under the guidance of rotating directors, and subject to the editorial ensemble’s critical review. The journal relies on the purview of the editorial director of each Iteration. Unlike most journals, however, INPUT's fluid hierarchy provides variation within existing visual structures, means of production and critical methodologies.

INPUT does not accept unsolicited contributions. The editorial ensemble solicits images, critical examinations, poems, reviews and creative discourses that are produced specifically for the journal. INPUT seeks to collapse divisions between artistic genres by offering variety and deliberate inconsistency as indications of today’s creative and intellectual matrix.

Input (New York, N.Y. Print)
ISSN 2152-7318

Input (New York, N.Y. Online)
ISSN 2152-7326


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